What hiring companies & managers say:

TWB Certifications creates professional that are readily employable. Here’s what some of the hiring managers & industry professionals have to say about us:

Lisa Granville-Dirker
Industry leader - 30+ yrs experience
TWB will introduce you to something new, perhaps help you realize some hidden potential, and make you consider or reconsider the kind of career you want for yourself. TWB is clearly the place where writers with high levels of expertise are found and are educated.
Gururaj B. S.
Former President STC/ Oracle
Oracle/ Sun’s hires from TWB meet my expectations on all counts. I am highly impressed with TWB’s ability to impart practical knowledge about technical writing in an academic setting.
Hyacinth Augustine
TWB Certifications give students the opportunity to gain knowledge from the foremost experts in the industry that gives them the edge for a lifelong career.
Paul Trotter
TWB has been establishing industry benchmarks and our partnership will provide the Indian market with its first end-to-end, enterprise standard authoring solution.
Ravi Kiran
Knowledge Manager - SAP Labs
SAP has managed to hire very high potential candidates from TWB. Your program is outstanding. Within a short time of onboarding of candidates, I realised how capable they are about performing in real life conditions. Quite simply your trainig and methodology are perfect.
Pallavi Madhusudan
TWB Certifications are very comprehensive and exceed my expectations on the competitive environment they provide, real-life learning, and quality of learning material and trainers.
Anindita Ghosh
TWB Certifications provide world-class course material and learning from industry’s most experienced faculty.
Anthony Olivier
India is a significant market for information management and TWB as the leader is a natural choice due to their strong presence in the Indian market and firm commitment to staying ahead of the technical communication curve.