TWB Fundamental Certification

Suitable for those looking for a career shift or re:joining a mainstream career

TWB Fundamental Certification highlights:

  • Use skills acquired in your present job in tech support, or before you took a break for your family to your advantage.
  • TWB Fundamental Certification is the industry standard for tech. comm. jobs
  • Later salary hires have been in the range is ₹4-5 lacs, and as high as ₹ 12 lacs
  • Industry-leading recognition, and placements at 97-98%

TWB Fundamental Certification completely changes your career trajectory

The TWB Fundamental Certification Program (FCP) in technical writing gives you theory, practicals, and hands-on experience to launch a successful career. It is the largest single certification program in the world with 10,000+ graduates in 20+ countries. The TWB Fundamental Certification program introduces you to Technical Writing as a profession and gives you all the hands-on knowledge and experience to start working in a highly competitive MNC environment on day 1. Through the TWB Fundamental Certification program, you will learn to use essential industry tools and create key deliverables. TWB Fundamental Certification program gets you interview ready and helps you get started on the path of success.

  • Dramatically changes your career trajectory. You can re:start your career irrespective of you did not have a direct placement after graduation, you took a career break for your family or you wish to make a career shift to a mainstream MNC career
  • Get the benefit of the system that has produced over 20,000 TWB Certified professionals and placed with with over 500 companies over 10 yrs

Approx 120hrs of ILT training over 2 months (Mon-Fri) or 3 months (Sat-Sun) or 3 months (Online). Teaches the patented TWB GRAPE Content Authoring™

  • Basics of Technical Writing
  • Using a Structured Editor
  • Audience Analysis
  • Information Design
  • Writing a User Manual
  • Documentation Development Lifecycle
  • Documentation Standards

You need to be a graduate with good command over English and familiarity with technology and word editors.

  • Classroom training. Available only in Bangalore. 2-month program. Rs 49,900++
  • Classroom training. Available only in Bangalore. 2-month program. Rs 39,900++