TWB Associate Certification

Suitable for those looking for their 1st career. Starting salaries 3-4lacs for fresh grads.

Start on a mainstream IT career:

  • All you need is essential English and some technology awareness.
  • 3 months is all that it takes to begin a high-paying lifelong career.
  • Starting salary is ₹ 3+ lacs, the range is ₹3-5 lacs, median salary is ₹ 3.8 lacs
  • Suitable for BA/BCom grads, BE/BTech grads. Also for lateral career shifts
  • Learn from the undisputed leader in India, and the world. Join over 20,000 TWB Alumni across 500+ MNCs

The world’s biggest technical writing certification just became the most current, too.

TWB Certifications have become the world’s largest technical writing certifications across all formal and vocational education. In India IT giants and MNCs alike have recognized the high value and job-readiness we provide. But as the definition of technical writing explodes into a dizzying array of choices, it’s only fair that our Certifications reflect that changing environment.

TWB Technical Writing Certifications are the de-facto standard for placements in the IT, BPM, R&D, hi-tech manufacturing, life-sciences & energy industries across technology content types.

TWB Associate Certification in Technology Content Writing  program teaches you how to create and edit a wide variety of tech content for Technical, Marketing, and Education domains – leading to careers in exciting next-generation streams like Marketing, Learning & Development, Corporate Communications, Digital, and more.

In this programme, in addition to using a suite of authoring tools, technical editing, design and workflow, audience analysis, information design & the technical documentation methodology, technical content developers will also learn:

  • Structured Writing: This provides the critical skill of creating content in logical chunks from a variety of complex ideas.

In addition to different software, computing, Internet and Networking modules, they will also learn:

  • Authoring in XML: This provides them with the essential industry authoring and information management tool to all candidates taking them to the very cutting edge of authoring.

To create technical and learning content effectively, in addition to creating User Manuals & Demos, they will also learn:

  • Instructional Design: All leading technology companies invest heavily in training, and upskilling their employees. This training is moving to a digital form, to cut costs, suit varied learning styles, and provide a richer learning experience. 
  • Interactive Videos: Candidates will learn how to make a demo for a software or a hardware product through videos they interact with.
  • Gamification of content: Gamification — the  conversion of learning material into some sort of game with scripts, role play and animation — is at the absolute cutting edge of training today, for its very high level of engagement.

To create marketing and business content they will learn:

  • ebooks, technology blogs: Candidates will learn how to create flip books and other e-book formats that companies use to disseminate knowledge about their technology
  • Infographics: Data visualisation enters a whole new level with infographics, where an entire process or flow is mapped out visually and attractively. Today, you’ll see infographics in everything from business magazine articles, to presentations, to videos.
  • Whitepapers & Case studies: Complex technical ideas and their success depends on being able to share them with prospects. Few people know how to make a great white-paper. We teach you how.
  • Animated & Interactive video: With increased bandwidth, and higher speeds, videos are easier to access than ever. They make for exciting, highly involving content. Whether animation or live action, ‘explainer’ or walk through, regular or interactive — video is one of the best ways to communicate your message.
  • Effective presentations: Presentations have moved away from endless boring PowerPoint slides, to slick storytelling tools that provide a video-like experience. To structure, write, and design an engaging presentation is an invaluable skill in today’s business environment. 

TWB Associate certification teaches the patented TWB GRAPE Content Authoring™:

  • Recap of Technical Writing
  • Recap of Structured Editors
  • Audience Analysis
  • Information Design
  • Writing a User Manual
  • Documentation Development Lifecycle
  • Documentation Standards
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Instructional Design Deep Editing
  • Structured Writing
  • Recap of Information Technology Essentials
  • Preparing for Interviews

TWB Certification in Technology Content Writing will allow TWB alumni to fill a wide variety of roles in the industry. They will work with:

  • Strategy and Research teams for market analytics, market entry strategy support, and primary and secondary market research 
  • Technical Content teams for technology papers, tech evangelism and marketing collateral
  • Product Engineering teams for technology documentation, as well as training development and interaction design.


Suitable for BA/BCom grads, BE/BTech grads. Also for lateral career shifts

For intermediate users with some work experience: Duration: 2 months (weekdays), 3 months (weekends)

Salaries starting from ₹ 4+ lacs.

Course Price ₹ 65,000++