TWB Business Research Certification

TWB Certification in Business Research and Analytics

This program helps you lay a strong foundation in business research, by developing good business research, data interpretation and analytical skills. Business research is the systematic and objective process that involves gathering, recording and analyzing data to make business decisions. Analytics bridges the skill and competence gap in businesses, which has been identified as a key function to business success.

All over the world, the success of businesses depends on right decisions taken at the right time. What makes these decisions possible is concrete analysis. It is a fast growing area with a large number of opportunities available for growth at an accelerated pace.


  • Business research
  • Purpose
  • Ethics in business research
  • Theory building
  • Overview of the research process
  • Starting the research process
  • Collecting primary data
  • Questionnaire design
  • Sampling and fieldwork
  • Applications of business research
  • Research tools
    • Introduction
    • Purpose
  • Seven Steps to Analytical report writing
  • Parts of an analytical report
  • Essentials of professional communication
  • Graduate, with a minimum of 55% marks.
  • Candidates who have just finished graduation may produce Provisional Degree Certificates
  • Candidates must have good command of English and an understanding of sentence construction and grammar.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Candidate should be a professional technical writer. (PLEASE CHECK THIS)

Fees applicable for this program is INR 44,900.

Duration : 168 hours
Program Mode : Classroom