TWB Certifications help in career shift

Re:boot your career

If you are from the ITES/ BPO/ BPM, Medical Transcription, Sales & Marketing, Medical Transcription or similar industry this is the chance to re:boot your career. 27% TWB Certified are working professionals that have changed careers.

Mid-career changes from BPO/ ITES, Medical Transcription or any other career looks difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. The outsource operations/ BPO / BPM operations be it voice support, analytics or tech support also gave you skills you can use to reboot your career. A TWB Certification uses these skills and gets you in a future-proof IT career and has been the passport for over a decade for professionals making that career shift.

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Career fatigue sets in when employees are dissatisfied with the lack of career growth opportunities, low compensation, and too-few perks, bonuses and benefits. Or it may be lack of creativity in the job and the high degree of monotony. Or maybe it is the working hours, designed against the natural physical rhythm of the body. Any which way the attrition rate in the industry is remarkably high — to the tune of 40 to 50%.

Combine that with the threat of automation where with machine learning, text to voice and voice to text conversions, workflow automation fewer people are required to manage a given volume of transactions, which equates to significant reductions in staff.

This is causing skilled employees to opt out of BPO jobs, seeking better, higher-paying, more rewarding opportunities elsewhere where they can use their experience and skill effectively.


Employment opportunities are growing in technical content writing and are expected to grow by 17% by 2020 and are the one industry with little impact from automation. BPO or any experience in tech support, sales and marketing is actually relevant to the technical content writing industry. lists over 30,000 jobs as of today for technical writers and variations of the same profession, for a number of leading IT industries. Companies that hire technical writers include Accenture, Cisco, Wipro, NetApp, GE, Dell, HCL, Siemens, ANZ, Mphasis, and Cognizant.


TWB Certifications offer a clearly defined career path across the spectrum of IT, BFSI, Telecom, and more industries. Some common technical content writing designations are Technical Writer, Technical Communicator, Content Analyst, Technical Author, Technical Editor, Documentation Lead, Documentation Manager, and Knowledge Architect.

So, if you’re looking for a long, rewarding stable career, that will take you further than the BPO industry ever could, take a look at technical content writing—you’re going to find that growth & satisfaction back.


TWB Certifications are designed to help you reboot your career.

Lateral hire only: TWB Certifications build on your existing skills for instance if you were working in a BPO or in Medical Transcription you have the life skill of working on a schedule, great customer orientation and confidence in communication. TWB Certifications give a professional direction to your communication skills, understanding of a particular domain or technology and puts that in a package the mainstream IT industry can use from day 1 of your new career.

Lateral salaries: Since 2006 TWB has been providing industries leading professionally employable certifications and has been the subject of several news-stories including on Live Mint/ WSJ, The Hindu and others that you can see in our blog or online. With 20,000+ Certifications in 10 countries, 97% placement at an average salary of Rs 4 lacs and a lateral range of Rs 8-12 lacs TWB is the largest & the most successful certification in the world.

Keep earning while you get a TWB Certification: TWB Fundamental Certification has been available online since 2007 and was the 1st in the world and still is the best. You do not need to leave your job to make a career shift.


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