Careers for BE/BTech or BA/BCom fresh grads

Are you struggling to find employment after graduation, engineering or an MBA? You’re not alone. If you see the statistics below you find that employment and employability is a challenge across the board. 

60% of the 8 lacs engineers graduating from technical institutions across the country every year remain unemployed (Source: AICTE) . 6-7% of MBA graduates from Indian B-schools get campus placements. 66% of  IITians graduating in 2017 got campus placements according to data made available by IITs to the human resource development (HRD) ministry. Out of 9,104 students in 17 IITs who applied this year, only 6,013 got jobs through campus placement.

No Placement from IITs (2017, %) 34%
Unemployed after BE/BTech  (2017, %) 60%
Unemployed after MBA (overall, 2017 in %) 93%


Industry sectors across the board are facing acute manpower shortage and this includes IT, BFSI, pharma, healthcare, infrastructure, retail, auto and consumer durables, amongst others. Why are these places not filled especially in the knowledge economy?

The problem with the education system is that 90% of jobs across sectors are skill-based but only 4% of the population in India is currently skilled (in the 15-25 age group, 2018 data). Compare this with 60-80% worldwide and this skill rate (technical, quantitative, qualitative) is 47% in China, 74% in Germany, 80% in Japan and 96% in South Korea.

Where does this skill gap come from?

  • Analytical Reasoning as a skill gap is 31% of all college grads in India.
  • Quantitative Ability as a skill gap is 52% across all college grads in India.
  • Technical or direct employment skills including coding, one of the most highly sought after and well-compensated skills, has a 96% skill gap! It is no surprise then, that this gap in domain/coding skills makes graduates unemployable for core engineering jobs.


First and foremost it provides you a highly in demand employment skill: Writing Technical Content.

Second, it does not require you to know either coding or a specific technology domain. Only an understanding of the world around you and English is sufficient. TWB is so successful at it that we are the largest Certification in the world.

TWB Certifications are the de-facto standard for placements in the IT, BPM, R&D, hi-tech manufacturing, life-sciences & energy industries across technology content types. We give you the skill that will get you employed in creating a wide variety of tech content for Technical, Marketing, and Education domains – leading to careers in exciting next-generation streams like Marketing, Learning & Development, Corporate Communications, Digital, and more.

Employment is growing in technical content writing to 17% by 2020 and is the one industry with little impact from automation. TWB’s salary range is an average of ₹4-5 lacs, and as high as ₹ 12 lacs for lateral hire and industry-leading placements at 97-98%.


TWB Certifications offer a clearly defined career path across the spectrum of IT, BFSI, Telecom, and more industries. Some common technical content writing designations are Technical Writer, Technical Communicator, Content Analyst, Technical Author, Technical Editor, Documentation Lead, Documentation Manager, and Knowledge Architect.


TWB Certifications are designed to help you get employed. Period!

Build on existing skills: TWB Certifications build on your existing skills. TWB Certifications give a professional direction to your communication skills, working knowledge of technology and puts that in a package the mainstream IT industry can use from day 1 of your new career.

Employment: With 20,000+ Certifications in 10 countries, 97% placement at an average salary of Rs 4 lacs and a lateral range of Rs 8-12 lacs TWB is the largest & the most successful certification in the world.

So, if you’re looking for a long, rewarding stable career choose technical content writing. And get started with a TWB Certification.


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