Automation Proof your career with a TWB Certification

13 Jun 2018

Re-skill & automation proof your career with TWB Certifications

Automation is sweeping the IT/ITES job markets and a TWB Certification can Automation Proof your career. 

TWB Certifications have proven tremendously resilient in providing careers in the face of large economic and technological shifts. At the present moment, this technological shift is automation that is making millions of jobs redundant. In 2008 it was an economic shift that wiped out a large part of the industry and made millions of jobs redundant. At the time of such tremendous job losses, TWB Education had continued hiring momentum for specialist jobs in a contracting job market! As a matter of fact Wall Street Journal/MINT, Economic Times and Deccan Herald all spoke about TWB Certifications role in “Enhancing Career Prospects in a Downturn: Growing markets create mass workers, tough markets need specialists such as TWB.”

TWB has earlier released an analysis of the impact of automation in the India IT/ITES Sector shows that about 500,000 IT/ ITES employees being made redundant over the next 5 years. The report “Escaping the automation led redundancy shaping the Indian IT Industry” can be read here!

The full impact of automation led shrinking employment is not just in the form of job losses but also on the large number of “freshers” in engineering colleges. This shrinkage is however not evenly distributed among low, medium, and high-skilled jobs. In fact, jobs that require experience, complex problem-solving, the ability to learn on-the-job, and to work autonomously will actually grow by 14-15% over the next 5 years.

But a slump in the market is also the best time to hone your skill sets and make further additions to your professional profile.

Why can high-value technology content automation proof your career?

Specialized jobs continue to rise since most of these industries are built on the value of long-term growth and not short-term market response. For example, there is a latent demand in India for over 1,00,000 technical communicators but the current supply is perhaps at 15 percent of that. This demand will need to be fulfilled keeping long-term view in mind and irrespective of economic phases. Similarly, historically India has had a shortfall of patent examiners – 200 examiners for some 50,000 patents filed annually. Therefore, this is a talent pool that will need to be filled continuously for few years to come, so that market demand can be met.

Technology content led jobs are specialized jobs and will continue to pay better than mass jobs and therefore will continue to be preferred choice of career professionals. For example, the average salary for a graduate or an engineer is Rs 1-1.2 lacs per annum and the average campus placement is <10% cumulatively. Compare that with a 4 lacs campus placement with a cumulative 97% placement rate since inception for TWB Certifications.

Career growth is better in specialized jobs since there is a marked provision for a career path and professional enhancement. For example, not every BPO agent makes it to managerial ranks but a usability expert is likely to move to the next level sooner. These niche jobs have lifelong growth and lead to key managerial positions.

Being in one of these jobs is a function of appropriate training and adequate hands-on experience – both of which can be acquired institutionally. TWB is today not only India’s but the world’s leading certification agency. TWB Certifications provides appropriate training to equip a graduate to apply for the niche/specialized jobs. These range from a Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Communication to short-term programs like Certification in Patent Writing, Certification in Analytics, and Short Term Courses in Technical Writing etc.  

TWB Education has integrated corporate networks for placements and recruitment purposes. This includes both the TWB OnCampus job portal which is accessed by 500+ MNCs as well as direct linkages to hiring companies. This reduces hiring time in most cases for companies and providing a career security to graduates. It is being able to secure better jobs and move up in their career that drives aspiring professionals to pursue specialized courses.  

There are some caveats as well to moving up one’s career chain. The most important is that one has to perform well during training and internship to be able to acquire a better corporate position. Most of these specialist institutes have far more stringent criteria and processes than their peer group at the graduate level.  

Quick Self Assessment for an Automation Ready future

The industry focus has to move from hiring to re-skilling, and re-skilling quickly. There will be new jobs created in the future to focus on higher value work, and this will require the workforce to evolve their skills to take on roles with higher degrees of complex problem-solving, creativity, and emotional intelligence. Which only means that companies and individuals that resist innovation and rest on legacy skills won’t be around in half a decade.

If you want to see how automation ready are you —  take 2-minute confidential “automation readiness” self-assessment.

Next steps: Interested in an automation-ready future?

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