TWB Certifications for women rejoining the workforce

10 May 2018

Careers for women, after a career break

Restarting careers for women after taking a career break is not simple. It is said that ‘more women are lost to family and marriages, than to famine & war’. In modern times this is indeed very close to the truth. 

India is at the expertise and employment crossroads where on the one hand employers do not get the right talent both of sufficient quality and sufficient quantity to staff themselves adequately. And on the other, almost 50% of the population, qualified and with life skills that should be in the work-force but isn’t. While this is true across all industry sectors this is especially true for the IT sector which has a very large dependence on the availability of qualified manpower. People who have a relevant educational background, preferably with direct or surrogate experience and/or life skills are in great demand. Incidentally, almost any male that can be employed – already is and yet qualified women are not simply because they took a career break for their families. 


Women take a career break for several reasons, but each has to do with their families:

  • She is about to be married and the family insists on not working through the marriage but she may ‘choose to work afterward’, Or
  • She may have had to leave her job upon getting married on the insistence of their in-laws. Or,
  • She was working in the city where they were initially employed but moved to with her husbands to a new city, say Bangalore or Pune or Hyderabad which was essentially the husband’s career move. A move that leaves her behind professionally. Or
  • She was working and took a career break to start a family. However in most cases the few months of maternity leave simply does not cover taking care of the child long enough and this career break extents anywhere from 5-10+ years when they think is a appropriate to now get back to work.


When a woman on a career break wishes to rejoin there are several challenges to overcome:

  • Hardly any lateral hires: While there are many companies that encourage women rejoining if they were already employed in the same function (say software engineering or administration or HR, etc.) they loose the years of seniority they did not work. Essentially a 35 yr old women on a 10 yr career break if she manages to rejoin will be at the same experience and pay grade as  a 25 yr old person in the same company.
  • Acquiring relevant skills: The industry, especially the technology industry has a massive rate of change and the skills that were relevant 5 or 10 yrs ago simply aren’t relevant today. And when we say a 30 yr old woman who worked on Java 5 yrs ago acquired these skills through training she is essentially competing with someone who is now writing Python for AI applications


Since 2006 TWB has been providing industries leading professionally employable certifications that bring back women to the work force. This has been the subject of several news-stories including on Live Mint/ WSJ, The Hindu and others. With 20,000+ Certifications in 10 countries, 97% placement at an average graduate salary of Rs 8 lacs and a lateral range of Rs 8-12 lacs, TWB is the largest & the most successful certification in the world.


You get a break that is suitable for you,

  1. Lateral hire only: By nature of what you learn and where you will be employed you are not rejoining the same job, just 5 or 10 yrs junior! You are joining the same tech. MNC that the best software engineers wish to join but you join them in a function that is hiring you for your understanding of writing technical content. Which requires the TWB Certification we will provide + the relevant language + technical skills you already have. You no longer compete with a 25 yr old you are in the same bracket as a 30 yr old professional.
  2. You don’t throw away your existing skills: The career we give you does not throw away the skills you acquired in your earlier education but builds on them.
    1. If you have a fine arts degree and have great command over English that is a tremendous advantage.
    2. If you were working as a software engineer you have the capacity to understand the process of design and development and this is a critical base to turn into a technical communicator.
    3. If you were working in a BPO or in Medical Transcription you have the life skill of working on schedule have great customer orientation and confidence in communication. This is what is critical and missing.


What do you learn, and do? Creating Content that is critical to technology leaders. You will work across a range of content, but the type of content you are  best suited for. 









And you will work across a range of departments, but the department you are best suited to. This is best explained with this graphic.

Departments where Technical Content Writers work?


  • Read the TWB Certification FAQ on what does the job entail, the placement process, salaries and other queries you may have.
  • Look at the TWB Certifications Blog: Meet students & hear there success stories, see the major TWB announcements.
  • Get in touch with TWB through the TWB Contact page. You can get to IBM, EMC, NetApp, Wipro, Infosys.. and 500+ other companies waiting to hire you right NOW.


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