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13 Mar 2007

Now hone your tech writing skills with TWB Online: The Times of India

Now get your TWB Certification Online: The Times of India

BANGALORE: Good news for all those wanting to hone their technical skills! The Writers Block (TWB) has launched an online course, TWB Online (, specifically on technical writing.

TWB Online offers formalized training to students from a remote location. Students who cannot attend a programme due to distance or time constraints can now benefit immensely from this programme. The online course is divided into units, wherein each unit is accompanied by useful demos for better understanding. At the end of every unit, the student has to complete and upload an assignment. Students can also view their grades online.

Individual attention is paid to students by assigning them mentors who not only help them clarify their doubts but also provide valuable feedback. Also, online mentorship is available during business hours. Online communication with the teaching faculty and fellow students is made possible in the form of chat rooms and message forums.
Students also have access to a calendar, which helps them to keep track of the upcoming events and dates for submission of assignments.

Recently, TWB also launched the TWB OnCampus placement programme.

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