Workshop: Second Career for Women

Bounce back after a break
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A woman’s family comes first. Frequently, women are required to take career breaks to accommodate the needs of their family – but a break doesn’t mean the end of a career!

Restarting a career after a break can be overwhelming and difficult, but The Writers Block (TWB) has workshops to make that step easier. TWB’s workshop is designed especially for women who want to return to a career that balances family and professional life.

The workshop will help you understand:

  • Different technical careers available for women
  • The current market trends
  • Careers for women in the technical communication industry
  • The advantages of choosing a technical career
  • Skill sets required
  • How you can acquire the desired skill sets
  • How you can attend and succeed in interview
  • How to create and format your CV

What’s in it for you?

This workshop will help you choose a career that best suits your interests and skill sets – while effectively balancing work and family. Our trainers will help you bridge the gap that usually comes with break. Relearn and enhance your ability to work in a professional environment, and enter the exciting world of Technical Communication!

To register for the workshop, call us at +91.80.40741400.