TWB Value Chain


Benefit from the TWB value chain:

  • TWB Assessments : determine which education/training intervention is most appropriate for your needs
  • TWB Education portfolio : Choose a program from scores of TWB programs – all designed to make you a successful professional.
  • TWB Alumni : TWB Alumni are not only successful, they make other TWB Alumni successful.
  • TWB Mentorship: Once you’re a TWB student, TWB faculty provides support & guidance even after you graduate from TWB
  • TWB Infrastructure: TWB has the leading infrastructure from computing to libraries etc.
  • TWB Education Loans: Leading agencies provide loans to TWB students to complete their education. Apply now.
  • TWB Internships: TWB and several other leading companies provide Interships/On-the-job-training to TWB students.
  • TWB OnCampus: India’s leading placement/job portal for fresh talent across industries. You need to train with TWB to get a chance to get hired from TWB OnCampus.