TWB Certification FAQs

TWB Education has created over 20,000 very successful professionals across 500 companies. Here are the FAQs we are often asked by people considering joining TWB Certifications.

What type of content TWB teaches?

Generic content is everything from Facebook posts about your new haircut, to a blog about your favorite kind of music, to a video you made of your besties. But that kind of content is easy, breezy, and FREE?

What we teach you is content that helps businesses. The kind of content IT giants like Microsoft and IBM hire for. As do companies like Facebook and Google. And Indian leaders like TCS and Infosys. This is called Tech Writing and has evolved into a multi-hundred-million dollar industry called Technical Content and very different from the generic social content. TWB is the pioneer of the industry. For the last 10 yrs TWB Certifications are the de-facto standard for placements in the IT, BPM, R&D, hi-tech manufacturing, life-sciences & energy industries across technology content types.

What are TWB Certifications? And how are they useful?

TWB Certifications are the industry standard and benchmark for learning and jobs on Technology Communication areas including Technical Writing, Instructional Design, Business Communications etc. TWB Certifications are available as TWB Fundamental Certifications (primarily for fresh grads), TWB Associate Certifications (for intermediate exp.) and TWB Professional Certifications (for professionals). Some people will know exactly what course they need while others will prefer to have a better understanding and where they fit. The best course is (a) to have a look through our courses, and see which you feel most meets your needs (b) fill out the mail ID and request the Complimentary Download of our prospectus/presentation in the adjoining form then (c) ring us on +91 9686059020 or email us at

What is Technical Writing?

Technical Writing is compiling information with reference to a context for a specific audience. Simply put, Technical Writing is creating content (description/images) for a product or process, keeping in mind the audience of the information. For Example: A user manual for a mobile phone is a Technical document a technical writer would write. The user manual (Technical Document) for a mobile phone (Context) should be prepared for the end user (Audience) and effectively convey the following Information:
– Descriptions of the parts of the device
– Scenario description i.e. when various features can be used
– Instructions on how to use the device

What personal traits should I bring to the table to be successful?

Any author needs to write clearly after understanding the subject and describe the information with the correct user perspective. A Technical Writer effectively communicates technical/complex information to the audience and clearly explains the technology and related ideas to technical and non-technical audiences. Therefore a Technical Writer should:

  • Be proficient in writing
  • Have the ability to understand technology, software applications, and business domains
  • Have good people skills
  • Have good listening skills

Remember a technical writing career is suitable for all graduates in Engineering, Arts, Science, and Commerce.

Will I be taught basics of English?

No, you will have some English refreshers as part of your Certification Program but it is essential that you have completed your graduation in English. This is not an English teaching course. While it is not essential that you have any particular graduation or experience, bear in mind a good technical writer is someone who has good knowledge of English, is comfortable working with computers, can understand a subject/solution/product and describe the information in a simple way for the right readers.

I have a technical background. Would technical writing be an option?

Yes. Technical Content Writers compile information for both the technical and the common user. Your technical background will help you learn the required technology faster and describe the product to the customer better. For example, if you are a Software Engineer and have strong written communication skills then producing API (Application Program Interface) documentation would be just the right kind of documentation area for you. Refer to the answer on skills required to become a Technical Writer.

I have Customer Support/ Tech. Support/ BPO Background. Will that help?

Yes. These professions communicate information and instructions to the customer. Your experience allows you to understand the problems customers face with incomplete instructions and the need to communicate clearly to troubleshoot. Furthermore, customer support executives have a great deal of knowledge on the product they support. A large number of our TWB Alumni come with these backgrounds. Please request a download of our prospectus in a form alongside and you will be able to see what proportion of our Alumni have a background and experience similar to yours.

How is TWB Certification differnt from a college education?

In the first place – you choose it. While you may not have chosen your college education.

Second, you should choose it because you are looking for a career break or a career change. Not because you want to collect another degree. Now, if you bring that focus you will realize that the TWB Certification matches the expectation of the industry — which is ready-to-work professionals that fresh graduates invariably are not. Few B.Com grads can be directly put to work as accountants, or B.Es directly asked to code or design. With TWB Certified grads companies get ready-to-work professionals and that is why they are being hired from TWB.

How do I register for a TWB Certification?

Once you have chosen the program you want (see FAQ above) and have had the interaction with us (TWB) to satisfy your queries, you can sign up for the terms of the course through this website and pay for the registration here as well. This will put you on the program you chose.

Do you guarantee placements?

Short answer: No, we can’t.

Long Answer: We can give you the skills we cannot go the selection process including written tests and interviews for you. Selecting a candidate also means that the hiring company is looking for the best fit intellectually as well as attitude. However, what we do is we create the best professionals in the industry, with little or no prior background in technical communications. We have certified 20,000+ professionals over the last 10+ yrs and most of the senior ones now head their own teams for companies such as SAP, Alcatel-Lucent, Oracle etc. 90% of people looking for a career break were from diverse backgrounds such as ladies with career breaks, Arts or Science backgrounds with no experience, professionals with BPO or Tech Support experience. 97% of them were placed in a 3 month period after the TWB Certification. TWB Certifications are a second chance at a lifelong career and you need to have the right attitude and determination to embark on it. That is a question that we can’t answer for you. We can give you the skills and the opportunity.

How do you train? What skills do your trainers have?

The training team is led by Helen Shukla. With 30 yrs of experience with leading MNCs and founding India’s leader in outsourced tech. & mark-comm company, Helen is India’s leading expert in technical communication. She has authored & published 8 ISBN titles from product documentation to software tools and marketing communication. She has managed 400,000+ hrs of training development and 1,000,000+ hrs of technical content delivery, and lead 500+ batches of training. She has developed the TWB_ GRAPE™ Content Authoring Framework™ as well as the TWB_ COE Content Automation Platform™.

The trainers that train are all TWB Certified as well. Only the brightest with the attitude and aptitude are brought into training. Training does not depend on a trainer and trainers are interchangeable for different parts of the training, just like they are in a university classroom. It is the system that trains you.

TWB Certifications are based on TWB_ GRAPE™ which is proprietary to TWB and no-one else but TWB can teach. The courseware runs across 3 ISBN titles authored by TWB. All the training scenarios and demos are made into videos. All training follows a strict pattern of (a) learning from the TWB courseware (b) watching demos of what you are learning (c) applying that in exercises that are part of the courseware (d) evaluation of each exercise with detailed feedback to allow you to make corrections (e) finally developing and submitting a project that mimics the task of a real life Tech Writer.

What career opportunities would be available to me?

Technical Communicators, including technical writers,  are a part of the fast-growing Technical Communications industry, a $ 1 Billion USD opportunity in India. There is a need of about 10-25,000+ new technical communicators per year, and they have one hallmark for excellence — the TWB Certification.

Just like software development and KPO and BPM industries, technical writing has been witnessing a growing demand for the past 20 years. Moreover, with the popularity and effectiveness of blogs, product review sights, and online forums, technical writer’s opportunities have multiplied. Technical Writers begin their careers on high-paying salaries, with TWB’s salaries on record in a range of ₹ 3-₹ 8.5 lacs CTC, with a median of ₹ 3.8 lacs CTC. With experience and skills, this reward is even bigger, TWB salary topped off at ₹ 12 lacs CTC.  

What is your placement process?

The terrific demand that we have seen for tech. communicators over the last 10+ yrs and the excellence that TWB Certification represents means we never have a problem placing candidates. You can see the placement rates and salaries elsewhere in the FAQ.

The first step in the Placement Process is the Certification. Once you have the TWB Certification all CVs become a part of the TWB Certifications job portal that is exclusively for TWB Certified professionals. You should start getting shortlisted and calls from these hiring companies that have access to the hiring portal.

That said it is imperative as any incumbent in any industry that you network and spread access to all the other hiring channels that includes other job portals and placement consultants. Most of these channels have their own extensive reach and you will find many many more opportunities open up as you enter the system.

What is the salary scenario?

A Technical Writer’s salary depends on experience, expertise, designation and geographical location. Today in India, technical writing as a profession is witnessing a boom owing to the IT/ITES industry growth, which has stayed in double-digits in the last decade or so and is expected to stay on the same path for years to come. It is also being aided by industrial and economic growth across the board and increase in globalization of Indian businesses and organizations. 

The Society of Technical Communication India (STC- India) Salary Survey of Technical Communicators the median salary for technical communication professionals in India was ₹ 3.8 lacs CTC in 2005. Adjusted to a median 15% salary raise this is a salary of ₹11-18 lacs for a professional of an avg 7-8 yrs of work ex. The median salary for technical communicators with less than two years of experience is ₹ 4-5 lacs per annum.  Technical Writers based in Bangalore earn the highest salaries, followed by Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai in that order. 

TWB’s salaries on record are much higher than the industry average and in a range of ₹ 3-₹ 8.5 lacs CTC, with a median of ₹ 3.8 lacs CTC. With experience and skills, this reward is even bigger, TWB salary topped off at ₹ 12 lacs CTC.  

What are the direct hiring companies from TWB Certifications?

While TWB Alumni are today in 500+ MNCs and leading Indian companies, the companies that have hired TWB talent consistently and directly include Accenture, Alcatel-Lucent, Cognizant, Convergys, Huawei, IBM, NetApp, Oracle, SAP, TCS, Fidelity, ANZ and Wipro. This makes TWB Education the undisputed leader in Certifications across IT, KPO, Research, Consulting and Hi-Tech Manufacturing industries.

What kind of companies will I have a career in?

All companies that require information to be documented will need Technical Communicators. Whether it is a web page, a product description brochure, an FAQ, an annual report or a process manual, technical writers have the required skill sets to create and deliver this content. Some of the key companies that need technical writers include:

  • Information technology
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Banking Finance and Insurance
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Biotechnology & Lifesciences
  • Consumer electronics
  • Hospitality

What tools will I learn? Will you teach me FrameMaker, Madcap Flare, AuthorIT?

Technical Communication and within it Technical Writing is a science. And since we write a lot of the science in our publications and we’re the pioneers of high-quality high scale development of people expertise we can we understand and impart it very well.

As with all real understanding the core of a profession in understanding and implementing of what is really required. So we teach you the core of how to use your basic English knowledge and turn it into the expertise of (a) explaining your understanding in simple straightforward instructions (b) creating the structure that is used to make say User Manuals, Online Help or other tech-docs (c) using the basic necessary software to create it.

All evaluation at the hiring stage is based on this. You are not supposed to know FrameMaker or AuthorIT at this stage. But you are supposed to create a top class User Manual without errors using a basic word processor. And given the time we have with you in the classroom that is what we focus on and that is what makes us so successful.

Do we know how to team FrameMaker and others? You bet. We have India’s largest portfolio of Professional trainings and virtually all large companies depend on us to impart those trainings. We have 70+ published titles in Technical Communication and we transform how companies communicate to their internal and external customers. You can see more details on TWB_ which is the parent of TWB Education.