TWB Certification in Android for Azure

For the 1st time in Bangalore there is a TWB Certification in Android on Azure. With near 100% direct placements of 5000+ students in 500+ MNCs such as IBM, Cisco, Sasken, NetApp, EMC, Accenture, Unisys, Dell, Ariba … you can’t go wrong in your search for the best IT employment opportunities with TWB.

This training will teach you develop an Android app using Azure Mobile Services. In this training, you will create both a new mobile service on Microsoft Azure and an Andriod app using the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

What is Android on Azure and what are the benefits?

Android is the most widely used mobile OS the highest selling OS overall. Android devices sell more than Windows,iOS, and Mac OS X devices combined. Android is a mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux kernel and currently developed by Google. Android is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Despite being primarily designed for touchscreen input, it also has been used in game consoles, digital cameras, regular PCs and other electronics and is pervasive now with specialized user interfaces for televisions (Android TV), cars (Android Auto), and wrist watches (Android Wear).

Microsoft Azure is the cloud computing platform and infrastructure, created by Microsoft, for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. It provides both PaaS and IaaS services and supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems, including Android development.

The advantages of developing applications using Microsoft Azure are that the developer can use pre-made services available on Azure such as push notifications, authentication using Google, Facebook etc, updates, database maintenance and many others that would otherwise require development of these services.

TWB Certification in Android on Azure: Course Outline
You will be taught using this outline:

  • What is the Microsoft Azure Mobile Technology
  • Setting up the infrastructure using SQL Database
  • Setting up Database Triggers
  • Using Authentication
  • Using Push Notification
  • Configuration and working with Source Control
  • Configuration and Working with Scheduler
  • Migrating an Android App

Required skills for TWB Certification in Android on Azure
You should have a good understanding of:

  • Android Programming
  • Database programming using SQL
  • Node.js

Fee & Duration

  • Course duration is 25 days, 9AM – 1PM
  • Course fees is ₹ 9,999 for TWB Certification on Android on Azure only*
  • TWB program in Android development (optional ₹ 9,999)
  • TWB program in Java development (optional ₹ 5,999)
  • FREE TWB workshop in Preparing & Giving Effective Interviews (₹ 2,999 value)
  • *in an entrance evaluation for TWB Certification in Android on Azure, if you are not found proficient in Android development and Azure you will be required to take a refresher program

Next Certifications starting dates

  • 17 Nov, 2014
  • 1 Dec, 2014
  • 17 Dec, 2014
  • 5 Jan, 2014

What is the value of a TWB Certification?
TWB Certification is the No 1 Certification that guarantees a professional future in the IT industry with

  • 5000+ placements from the TWB Certification programs
  • Average salary placement of ₹ 4 lacs
  • 97% placement on record!
  • 500+ MNCs recruit directly from TWB Certifications including IBM, Cisco, Sasken, NetApp, EMC, Accenture, Unisys, Dell, Ariba …
  • Ranked the No 1. specialist training by IndiaToday and Career360 for 3 yrs

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