Taufiq, Integraph-Technical Writer

Taufiq works for Intergraph Corporation, Hyderabad. He completed the Associate Program in Technical Writing in November 2010.

He says ” Initially I was really apprehensive about lot things, I was working in Hyderabad and moving to Bangalore meant that I had to leave my job. To be honest I was a bit sceptical about my choice to do the certification from The Writer’s Block because of a lot of factors i.e. location, placements, finances etc. However it took me a while but I came around and towards the end of the course I understood that it’s not important if TWB offers a placement or placement assistance. What matters is that TWB gives you the confidence to face an interview and I can say this from my own experience.

I had three offers while I was doing my online project. I chose VSoft as it is a product company and it is in Hyderabad. The other two offers were from, TCS Hyderabad which was a contract and Nous Technologies who wanted me to sign a bond. At the TCS interview I was one of the only three people selected for the Manager’s round from a group of around 20 odd people with experience ranging from 0-5 years. I later left VSoft and joined Intergraph Corporation. I also got the opportunity to travel to the United States for product trainings where I got a chance to meet my development team and the writing team”.

Team TWB wishes him continued success and a bright future!