Top 10 reasons to choose TWB

  1. Unquestionable Leadership
    • TWB is the No. 1 institute for Technical Communication in the country.
    • TWB courses are benchmarked against the best universities of the world, making it the best, most advanced suite of trainings on offer.
  2. Expert Faculty
    • The trainers at TWB are highly skilled and the very best in the business.
    • With more than 25+ years relevant industry exposure, TWB trainers ensure personalised training via a high trainer-to-trainee ratio and ensure seamless flow of instruction.
  3. Comprehensive Portfolio
    • TWB offers the most comprehensive suite of specialized and employment oriented trainings.
    • The subjects are extensive – from Technical Writing, Instructional Design, Business Communication, Research and Analytics, Patent Writing,. Technical editing, Adobe suite and many more. (Place programs link here)
    • On offer are the long term ‘post graduate program’ to medium term ‘certification programs’ to short term job oriented and skill enhancement programs.
    • TWB offers both classroom and online options.
    • The TWB Online portal is 24/7 and is the most modern in the business.
  4. Placements
    • Over 5000+ TWB students have been placed across 500 Fortune 500, MNCs to start-ups alike in 7+ years.
    • The recruiters include Cisco, IBM, SAP, Infosys, Wipro, Unilever, Alcatel, GE, Dell, Unisys, Accenture, Oracle, Sasken, Aricent, HP amongst many others.
    • Conditional offer letters are provided on admission, for a minimum salary of Rs. 4 lakh p.a.
    • Starting salaries range from Rs. 4 – 12 lakh p.a.; with a growth of 20 – 30% p.a.
  5. Extensive Industry Interface
    • TWB offers the advantage of interaction with experienced authors of industry right from the time of admission.
    • TWB offers the oppportunity to work on client projects in real time. A huge advantage, this gives an exposure to a real-life working environment and an insight into corporate life.
    • TWB also offers assured paid internship* with industry, for most courses.
  6. In-depth Methodology
    • TWB course material is comprehensive, detailed and is communicated in simple language.
    • The training provided is in-depth and the learning is structured, to provide for a strong foundation.
    • A step-by-step process on how-to-apply the learning is demonstrated through all assignments and exercises.
    • Participation in the several workshops conducted by TWB helps students have a hands-on experience.
  7. State-of-the-art Infrastructure
    • All 3 TWB learning facilities are air-conditioned and fully equipped with individual laptops and wi-fi facilities.
    • The highly developed TWB Online portal is 24/7 and the most modern in the business.
  8. International Collaborations
    • TWB is associated with landmark institutions like IIM-B, VirginiaTech and Minnesota State University.
  9. Highest Credibility
    • TWB-certified professionals are routinely preferred by recruiters.
    • TWB trainees are often hired even before they complete the course.
  10. TWB Value Chain
    • Through the TWB Alumni program, students get the benefit of interacting with past students and learning from their experiences.
    • TWB provides continous counselling through The TWB mentorship program, both during and after the course. This help is provided through the study process, the interview process and even when students get strated on their jobs.
    • Students get automatic acceptance into TWBFirst, the job portal that matches fresh talent with industry requirements, most essential since all our regular recruiters are on board this portal as well.