Friday, Apr 3, 2009. The Financial ExpressTWB Institute of Professional & Technical Communication (TWB) Enhances Education and Training Portfolio Offers Short Term Job Related Courses, Professional Certifications and a Post Graduate Diploma

TWB Institute of Professional & Technical Communication (TWB), India’s leading organization for Technical Communication Education and Training, releases a larger education portfolio, offering a complete range of professional & employment-oriented programs. With this TWB provides India’s most comprehensive & most specialized suite of trainings in professional and technical communications. These range from the Post Graduate Program in Technical Communication (1 year program) – to medium-term TWB Certification programs such the TWB Associate, TWB Fundamental programs – to short term job oriented programs meant to enhance skills required to the job market. Information related to all TWB courses can be found at TWB offers the following programs:

TWB Post Graduate Program: TWB Post Graduate Program in Technical Communication is TWBs flagship & the most comprehensive program that spans a full year. Placement offer letters are provided on admission to the course with a minimum salary of Rs.3.8 lakhs p.a and placements are available with over 300 companies

TWB Certification programs: TWB Fundamental and TWB Associate Certifications constitute the programs that allow a student to acquire sophisticated skills over a 100hrs to 160 hrs training & get employed with one of the leading Indian companies and MNCs that hire from TWB. These programs are targeted at meeting the specialized employment requirements of India’s leading technology services companies in the IT, ITES, KPO and other related industries. The renewed TWB certification portfolio includes:

TWB Fundamental Certification Programs (FCP) in

  • Technical Writing
  • Technical Editing
  • Business Communication
  • Business Research and Analytics
  • Patent Writing
  • Program Management
  • Instructional Design

TWB Associate Certification Programs (ACP) in

TWB Fundamental Certification Program Plus (FCP+)

TWB Essential Employability skills training includes Effective Professional Communications trainings, Essential Business Communication & Essential English training. These trainings span 30 days and enhance communication & other job related skills making graduates & undergraduates job-ready in the ITES and other services sectors

All TWB students benefit from The TWB Value Chain at all stages

Assessments: Various assessment tools evaluate candidates and suggests the best education training options to them

Training: India’s largest & most comprehensive portfolio with the most depth and most breadth

Placements: TWB OnCampus – the TWB owned online job portal – specifically concentrates on placements for individuals specific to the courses and provides the best possible employment

Alumni support: TWB Alumni facility helps individuals stay abreast of the industry requirements and networks

Continuous mentorship: TWB Mentorship enables graduates to get support in terms of domain knowledge and related…

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