Technical Communication – a better alternative to a Medical Transcription career by Mahesh Mohan

I have worked in the field of medical transcription for 8+ years, as an editor. Though the job was interesting, there were some drawbacks when it came to the actual work per se and the key ones are listed below:

  • Long hours of sitting in front of a computer
  • Continuous use of the keyboard, which is hazardous leading to carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Staring at the computer screen for long hours, which might spoil your eyesight
  • Constant use of headphones to listen to audio files leading to hearing impairment
  • Overall ergonomic issues related to being seated in one position for long hours leading to neck pain and back pain, etc.
  • Stagnation in career growth

According to experts, the Medical Transcription industry is not growing at the rate at which it was expected to. Some are even predicting a negative growth rate in the coming years. Moreover, the work is not sufficient to meet your financial targets. One has to handle large volumes of work and the remuneration is based on the number of lines you do in a day. If you do not work on a particular day, for instance, you do not get paid for that day.

For these reasons, I was looking for new opportunities. BPOs looked lucrative, but again, the work you do is repetitive. So, I got an opportunity to work at one of the biggest companies in the BPO sector; yet I left the company for the following reasons:

  • BPO processes are repetitive
  • The job is wholly process driven
  • The job involves working in shifts

I believe therefore, there are many advantages in taking up technical communication as a career option. These include:

  • A tremendous scope for career and financial growth
  • Opportunity to work in different sectors, so variety
  • Constant learning due to the exposure to different domains
  • Only day shifts

After joining TWB, I realized there are several opportunities in the field of Technical Communication. TWB experience has opened my eyes and I can see a world of growth in my future. Hail the new world!