Technical Communication: A Comprehensive Reference

Looking for a rewarding, high-paying job? Welcome to the Technical Communication industry!

If you’re new to Technical Communication or just looking to refresh and widen the scope of your knowledge, this book is meant for you. Written by Helen Shukla, co-founder of The Writers Block (TWB), and published by TWB, this book is a guide for anyone interested in Technical Communication. You will see in yourself the potential to become a Technical Communicator and take steps towards building a successful career!

What Will You Get?

This book contains a wealth of information about the principles of Technical Communication that you will not find anywhere else

  • Simple rules for professional and technical authoring – TWB’s trademarked GRAPE approach
  • Detailed descriptions of:
  • Practice professional and technical authoring – learn by doing
  • The ability to specialize in one of the three branches of Technical Communication

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