Technical Writing – A boon for women looking for a second career

Women are the epitome of multi-tasking. A job gives a woman not just financial independence but also the freedom to take her own decisions. A working woman can be immense moral and financial support to her family.

At times, a woman is forced to prioritize her family over career and take a career break to meet the requirements of the family. Many graduate and post-graduate working women routinely take career breaks after marriage to take care of their families.

Getting back to main-stream careers after a break can be both challenging and exhilarating. Many a time, women resist joining work because of apprehensions. They are apprehensive about adjusting to a new work-place, or to learn new technology, or about being outdated in their field of specialization.

A second career for a woman can give her the much needed financial freedom and also the confidence of being an independent and working woman. The job market does not always offer a best career for a woman. Restarting a career after a break therefore is more challenging than exciting for women. Choosing the right career is critical at such instances.

This is where a Technical Writing career comes into play. The right career gives a woman her the confidence to support her family; both morally and financially.

As Maneesha says “After having worked in the development sector for about ten years I took a career break because I wanted to devote time to raise my daughter. But then the urge to get back to work was very strong. Having spent my time during my career break as a free-lance writer, I was sure I wanted to pursue a career in writing. I was very apprehensive about rejoining a full time career. A chance opportunity to attend a workshop in technical writing gave me an overview on the prospects of a career in technical writing. Further research on technical writing on the web helped me decide that I explore this field”.

Seema is another such woman who decided to re-start her career after a break. She took up a course in Business communication, a part of Technical Writing, at The Writers Block which helped her restart her career. With her prior experience she already had the skills; and a certification gave her the right platform. There are many such success stories.

Career opportunities for women in the field of Technical Writing are manifold. You can be a Technical writer, Editor, Corporate Trainer, Instructional Designer, Knowledge Manager to mention a few. There are many reputed Technical Writing institutes offering a Certification in Technical Writing. There are online Technical Writing courses which cater to mothers and to anybody who will not be able to attend regular courses. You can register for an online or regular classroom Technical Writing course in any of the specialized institutes offering Certification in Technical Writing.

If you are interested in knowing more about Technical Writing and the career opportunities available in Technical Writing, TWB offers a range of classroom and online courses, from certifications to full time programs.

Inputs from Pooja Jayaram, working mother and TWB Corporate Trainer, Rini Maria, T Graduate, Marketing professional and now TWB Alumni and Maneesha G, Environmental Sciences professional and now TWB Alumni.