Saturday, December 05, 2009. EFYTimes. Technical Communication Evolves As An Industry!

Technical communication, a $100 million market today, is likely to reach $800 million by 2012.

Technical Communication has evolved to be recognised as a industry, agreed experts and industry leaders at the Society for Technical Communication Annual conference. According to these experts, technical communication is a $100 million market today and growing to reach $800 million by 2012 and over a billion in the next five-six years. This growth is backed by a surge in outsourcing demand, improved human capital supplies and larger domestic customer bench.

Rakesh Shukla, managing director, The Writers Block, said, “The technical communication space is evolving into a fast growing industry owing to a rise up the value chain in terms of delivery for the domestic and global customer. It is also an enhanced ROI proposition for customers and further aided by superior technologies and tools. One is likely to see technical communication evolve into a diverse, technology intensive, consumer friendly-collaborative space.”

“Globally technical communication industry is about 15 per cent the size of the software industry, however in India the trend is fortified by the growing aerospace and defence sectors, the growth of the digital economy and the growing focus on product engineering,” he added.

Also speaking on the occasion, Ravindranath Parameswaran, executive director, TIE, Bengaluru reflected on the growth of the technical communication industry and how innovation and entrepreneurship needs to be encouraged to make the most of the opportunity available in India.

The technical communication industry has seen a surge in demands for outsourcing projects, which has gone up, especially after the US economic meltdown. The number of companies banking large documentation and technical communication projects in India has increased significantly. This is backed by the rise in availability of trained and experienced technical communication talent and workforce. This confidence in this nascent industry is also strengthened by a large number of domestic companies spending at significant percentage of their budgets on technical communication and documentation needs.

Speakers at the conference pointed out that the multitude of career opportunities available, backed by international standard education and training facilities have converted technical communication into a growing and attractive career option for many.

The customers for technical communication and documentation services includes sectors like IT technology products, outsourcing, manufacturing, banking, financial and insurance, aerospace, defence, hi-tech manufacturing, ERP and CRM, pharmaceutical, education and business consulting.

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