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Usually women prioritize family over career as a result of which they have comparatively lesser career options than men. Working in shifts or late nights could affect the work-life balance of a woman.

TWB’s certification program in technical communication will enable you to understand and learn different methodologies of writing, critical for a technical writer.  TWB is one of the leading technical training institutes in India. TWB provides certification courses that have recognition in the industry and are on par with the industry standards. TWB certification courses have an edge over the others as they are designed by people with technical expertise keeping the industry requirements in mind. The course is specially envisioned for people who wish to join a mainstream technical communication career. TWB is also associated with many MNCs and has a facility of campus placement that makes it easier for a student to get placed in the technical communication industry.

How Alumni of TWB got successful second careers
Seema, a mother of two from Indore was new to Bangalore. She had worked in a small scale business unit for a few years in Indore and had taken a break because her children were very young. She had heard a lot about Bangalore and wanted to work to be able to afford her children’s school fees and other expenses. A graduate in botany, Seema was clueless about how to find a job that would meet her requirements. Seema attended the course in business communication from TWB. She learnt the basics of communication in a business environment. Today, Seema is working as a front office manager at a renowned hotel and is very happy with her job.

Seema says As a single mother, it was very important for me to start working. I used to work at a small factory at Indore, but in Bangalore it is very different. In a desperate measure, I enquired at TWB as it is close to my house. I was well guided and told about the different options I could select from. I’m a non-technical person; I chose to pursue the business communication course. Immediately after the course, I found a job that I wanted. Today, I’m a proud working woman. Thank You TWB! 

Sanjeet, a civil engineer always wanted to get into the IT industry. But as his entrance exam rankings were not good enough, he had no option but to choose civil engineering. Sanjeet was unhappy but completed his engineering successfully and was placed in a suitable civil job and worked there for 17 months. Sanjeet was unable to handle the pressure and stress of the civil engineering job. Long site visits and field trips made him feel exhausted and Sanjeet’s health started to deteriorate. Sanjeet then learnt about TWB through a friend who had attended a course and was placed in an MNC. After appropriate guidance at TWB, he opted for the technical writing course. Sanjeet worked on the weekdays and attended classes during the weekends. Sanjeet was placed in an MNC as a technical writer before the completion of his course.

Sanjeet says I wanted to become a software engineer. But as my CET rankings were low, I was forced to pursue civil engineering. My friend told me about TWB. He had attended the training here and was working as a technical editor. From TWB I learnt the different and interesting options in the IT industry that would suit my skill sets. I finally chose to take up the technical writing course. Today, I have come a long way from building roads to building a secure career. I work as a technical writer in an MNC and I’m happy with the choices I made. A big thank you to my friend, who suggested TWB to me and also Thank You TWB. 

TWB offers certification program in Technical Writing, Business Communication which enable you to understand and learn different methodologies of writing, communication etc.