Parag, PhD. Talks About Technical Communication

Can you tell us about your educational background?
I have a PhD in Chemical Engineering, and I’m a part of the Process Engineering Industry

What attracted you to the profession of Technical Communication?
A liking for research and the attention to detail. A career in research needs one to have technical communication skill. Any communication is effective only if it is clear and can be easily understood by the target audience. Technical communication has the challenge of presenting abstract ideas which help make one’s point when presented logically. Different approaches must be kept ready for different audiences. In case of a general audience, it helps in maintaining brevity and convincing the intended point as technical communication in most cases, is dry and uninteresting. In case of a knowledgeable audience, it helps in removal of unwanted distractions such as format, structure and plainly focus on the intended message. Report preparation is an essential part of research which is repetitive in structure and manner of presentation. A report presented well is read and accepted easily, while a good content report written in a poor manner gets neglected in most cases.

What is your opinion on the career prospects in the Technical Communication industry?
One could pursue a career as a librarian, data management, patent office, journals, magazines, newsprint and publications, editors, technical service representative etc. Alternatively, this can also be a first step to a career in visual communication and design.

What do you think about TWB?
Simply put – a structured approach catering to interdisciplinary demands.