TWB sponsored for Jyoti Nivas College fest “Arbitrium”

 TWB sponsored for Jyoti Nivas College fest "Arbitrium"

TWB was the main sponsorer for the JNC Commerce fest “ARBITRIUM” on 25th & 26th September, 2009. More than 20 colleges from Bangalore participated in the fest.The above are some of the snaps that was taken during the fest in the stall where TWB organised the event. Students were asked to paint TWB logo without using their hands. This was held to create awarness of TWB institute and the brand name in a fun filled way. The response was astonishing, and we had around 70 participants. Every participant was awarded with a scholarship of Rs.10,000/- on the “TWB Fundamental Certification Program Plus” and a winner was chosen for the first and second half of both the days. The proud winners walked away with “Indijoe gift coupons” worth Rs.700/-.

TWB also sponsored two main events in the fest which was ” Best Manager” & “Best Event Manager”. The winners were awarded with a TWB certificate and a scholarship of Rs.50,000/- and Rs.30,000/- on FCP+ and FCP in Technical Writing.

As TWB was the main sponsorer of the fest at JNC Mr.Rakesh Shukla ( CEO & Founder of TWB) was invited as a judge for the Finance Event named “Kanaka”. Participants were to estimate a budget and present the same on the topic “Building a dam during the Mauryan Dynasty”.

On the whole it was a successful event for TWB.