Short Interviews with Technical Communication Professionals

Dr Madhavan, PHD

Can you tell us about your educational background?
I have a Ph. D in Organic Chemistry. I worked for 12 years in Syngene, Biocon Group of companies. I have been a team Leader handling various teams involved in discovery projects for new molecules with applications in the field of fine chemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals, personal care etc. I was also involved in system automation (SAP like tools) and supply chain management as well.

What attracted you to the profession of Technical Communication?
The science part of ensuring that the recipient understands what is the intended content and its scope and purpose. Many a times, context and contents are lost in the way it is presented to the recipient.

What is your opinion about the jobs and career prospects in the Technical Communication Industry?
Just as the beauty is in the eyes of the one who sees it, so is the scope. Technical writing is an added weaponry which will enable a person skilled in a particular domain area to convey across the thoughts to the desired participant without losing the context. It would enable the domain expertise to maintain the environment and the receipts to be included. Domain expertise with technical writing thus brings in two forces together and thus creates unique opportunities in ensuring the information reaches number of people who need not be technically competent to understand the content.

What do you think about TWB?
Brand building is important and TWB has managed to climb the “growing curve” thus providing us a with a platform to utilize their experience and expertise. The posses the necessary business etiquette befitting of a tribe to be emulated.