Bangalore, 04 April, 2014: Double Your Job Opportunities with the Revamped TWB Certification Program

TWB announces the expansion of its landmark Technical Writing training program that allows trainees to double their job opportunities. The new program includes detailed Instructional Design topics, Editing, and XML. This comes from an observation on the nature of trends in the Technical Communication industry, oriented towards more diverse capabilities from Technical Writers than ever before.

While writing fundaments, technology knowledge, and ability to ramp up remain essential skills, structured writing is increasingly becoming a primary job requirement. XML has proven to be significantly more than just a passing fad, and knowledge of XML has become a critical skill. Added to this is the fact that the job market for Instructional Designers is steadily expanding, with incredible opportunities both in India and abroad.

In light of this, TWB is expanding the depth and scope of its curriculum, to ensure that students graduating from the institute are better prepared to face a dangerously competitive job market.

Said Helen Shukla, Co-founder and Training Director at TWB, “Our goal is to ensure that our students are well prepared—extremely well prepared—to face and attend interviews, and be productive at their jobs from day 1. With the rules for authoring increasingly moving away from free writing and acquiring a more rule-based approach, knowledge of underlying concepts like structured writing, editing, and XML are more important than ever before.

“Plus, with the advantage of Instructional Design training from TWB, students have twice as many job opportunities as before! There never really has been a better time to take up a TWB course than right now—our certification carries some of the highest value.”

Said Anindya Shankar, Head of Business at TWB, “The reason for this is really in the job market. Nearly 5% of all Technical Writing jobs indicate that XML is a critical requirement. Not only are we allowing our students to tap into these job offers, but we’re also doubling the number of jobs they can apply for—there are 28,000 jobs available for Technical Writers and another 30,000 for Instructional Designers!

“What we’ve always done best is help people find jobs and build long, stable, rewarding careers—no matter what their background is. What we’re doing now is throwing open the doors to opportunity wider than they ever have been. And the numbers in the job market speak for themselves!”

About TWB

The Writers Block (TWB) is Asia’s leading technical communication and publishing services provider and caters to the needs of technology and process driven industries. TWB provides world-class technical communication outsourcing, training and publishing services to companies globally. TWB’s expertise spans industries that include IT, Technology Products & Outsourcing, ITES, Financial, Aerospace, Defence, Ship Building, Manufacturing and Discrete & Process Industries. TWB offers a complete suite of services that allows its customers to effectively publish the technical knowledge and caters to over 60 large clients globally.

TWB offers training under the banner of TWB Certifications and has a portfolio of over two dozen certifications available as training offerings. Over 300 companies including SAP Labs, Lucent Technologies, IBM, Wipro, TCS, Sun Microsystems hire TWB certified professionals. Included in TWB’s training offerings is corporate training, with 1500+ titles on offer, supported by 100+ webinars and workshops, delivered to 50+ MNCs, developed through 200,000+ man hours of effort.

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