Course Introduction

Spearheading the country’s collective endeavor in the sphere of Technical Communication, TWB is India’s No. 1 Institute, specializing in the field of Technical Writing education and training services.

TWB provides India’s most comprehensive & specialized suite of trainings for anyone seeking to launch their career in the technical communications industry. The programs range from TWB PG Program to medium-term certification programs such as TWB Associate program & TWB Fundamental programs to short-term job oriented programs.

Certification programs are offered in a variety of different topics – Technical Writing, Instructional Design, Business Communication amongst many others. These programs are designed to enhance skills required to kick-start your career and get you ahead in the competitive job market. TWB also offers range of state-of-the-art online programs meant for the working professional or the homemaker or all those who want to study on a flexible schedule.

Through its varied specialized courses, TWB creates chiseled professionals, well grounded in the principles of Technical Communication and Business Management. Over 500 leading MNCs ranging from Cisco, IBM, SAP, Infosys, Wipro, Unilever, Intel, TCS, Sun Microsystems, Alcatel Lucent etc have hired 5000+ TWB certified professionals in the last 7 + years.

A key aspect of working at TWB includes working on well structured client projects that provide real time. This helps the students get the opportunity to understand true challenges and solutions in customer scenarios.