Technical Writing – A career option for science graduates By Maneesha G

Many graduates and post-graduates of science have a flair for writing. Technical Writing offers an interesting and well-paying career option for graduates and post-graduates of science. It’s a career that needs you to be curious, have an eye for detail and good writing skills.

Technical writing is a profession which involves creating and designing technical documents. The purpose of a technical document is to communicate exactly how something should be done. A Technical Writer develops various types of documents like user guides and manuals, online help documentation, white papers and technical reports. A technical writer should have a good command over the English language, basic knowledge of computers, an eye for detail and preferably a Certification in Technical Writing from a reputed institute.

Technical writing jobs are many. These include technical writing, content writing, instructional designing in an e-learning center, becoming a trainer in technical writing, working as a free-lance technical writer and so on.

If you are interested in technical writing, enroll in a technical writing program. A program in technical writing will give you skills in using technical writing tools and getting familiar with technical communication.

Maneesha is a postgraduate in Environmental Sciences with work experience in the development sector.