Technical Writing – A career option for MCA graduates By Bhavana Sharma

Technical Writing for students with MCA Background

Technical Writing is emerging as a new career option for all professions. Earlier Technical Writing was thought as a profession only for Engineers, tech savvy people, and for people working in the I.T industry. Now, Technical Writing is considered a great career choice by people with any educational background.

Technical Writing is emerging as a great career choice today, especially for M.C.A graduates. Professional Graduates in Computers, Business Administration have found their calling for a great career in Technical Writing.

Career opportunities for M.C.A graduates in Technical Writing. As an M.C.A graduate, your M.C.A syllabus and M.C.A projects have already prepared you for a great career in the I.T industry. The M.C.A syllabus has equipped you with the knowledge of computer terminology and technology. You already have the necessary skills required for Technical Writing.

It was popularly believed that an M.C.A graduate had to work only as software programmers, coders and testers. However, if an M.C.A graduate was not interested in these fields, they had few options open for them as they were not aware of Technical Communication. With the advent of Technical Writing, which is a niche part of the I.T industry, an M.C.A graduate can now become a Technical Writer.

If are you an M.C.A graduate and are looking for a break in the I.T industry with a handsome pay package, become a Certified Technical Writer. With a Certification in Technical Writing, you can become a Technical Writer in the I.T industry, you can be a freelance Technical Writer, Online Technical Writer, Content Writers to name just a few of the opportunities.

There are many reputed and specialized institutes offering certifications and training in Technical Writing. Technical Writers are even taught how to use the Technical Writing tools to assist them in the field of Technical Writing. If you want to know aboutTechnical Writing and the career opportunities available, you can attend trainings conducted by TWB, the No 1 Institute for Technical Communications in the country!

Bhavana Sharma is an M.C.A graduate with over 5 years of experience in different industries and is a TWB Alumni.