About TWB

Spearheading the country’s collective endeavor in the relatively new sphere of Technical Communication, TWB has emerged India’s leading provider, specializing in the field of Technical Writing Education and Training Services.

Through its Certification courses, Dual Degree courses and PG courses in Technical Communication, TWB creates chiselled professionals, well grounded in the principles of Technical Communication and Business Management. Over 500 leading MNCs ranging from Cisco, IBM, SAP, Infosys, Wipro, Unilever, Intel, TCS, Sun Microsystems, Lucent Technologies etc have hired 5000+ TWB-certified professionals in the last 7 + years.

Education services apart, TWB (twb.in) is an established Technical Communication outsourcing company. An acknowledged leader in Enterprise Knowledge Creation, TWB offers a complete suite of services that enables customers to effectively publish their technical knowledge.

By investing heavily in developing impeccable processes, diverse domain expertise and a large world-class team and doing this consistently TWB has built and strengthened the Technical Knowledge publishing and documentation value chain and thus boasts of a large and varied client base and a strong network of partners.

TWB expertise ranges from IT Products & Outsourcing, ITES, Banking, Financial, Aerospace, Defense, Ship Building to Hi-tech Manufacturing, Discrete & Process Manufacturing. These services are offered to customers ranging from the Global 500’s to startups including Cisco, Accenture, Samsung, Siemens, EMC, Intel, Infosys, Wipro, Pratt & Whitney, Microsoft, Infosys, Honeywell, DRDO, HAL, to name a few.