2 day workshop on Creating Winning Proposals. Sept 25 & 26. REGISTER NOW

About the Course
90% of sales proposals don’t lead to a sale. Are you part of the 10% that keeps winning?
If you are not, TWB can teach you how!

On September 25 and 26, TWB is conducting a workshop on ‘HOW TO CREATE WINNING TECHNO-COMMERCIAL PROPOSALS’. Briefly, we teach you the science behind creating EFFECTIVE techno-commercial proposals that directly impact your ability to grow! And take you from that 90% who don’t, to the 10% who do!
Be part of it and learn how the best in business do it. Day after day. Every single time!

Topics Covered
1. Your responsibilities when creating a proposal
Completeness. Content. Winnability.

2. What you should check for in the proposal
Contents and design of a proposal

3. Getting the customer requirement right in a proposal
a. Understanding key business drivers
b. Creating and verifying estimates
c. Determining project costing and pricing
d. Creating a clear statement of work (SOW) and ascribing mutual responsibilities
e. Representing a project plan/schedule in a proposal

4. Authoring your proposal
a. Establishing and matching needs with your competencies
b. Performing audience analysis
c. Getting the content right
d. Writing the proposal
e. Formatting the proposal

Who should attend
Members of Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Pre-sales teams, with at least 1 year of experience in interacting with customers and creating proposals.

At least 1 year of relevant experience in interacting with customers and/or creating proposals.

What you need to bring
A laptop

Key Takeaways
1. Improve your sales process.
2. Increase your effectiveness.
3. Enhance your revenues.